Is Seller Financing Right for You?

Are you trying unsuccessfully to save up money for that 20% down payment the bank wants?  Maybe you gave up on finding home to buy because banks just wont lend on what you can afford.  Many banks won’t provide lending under $50,000 on a home, and some even set the minimum at $100,000.  You have another option that’s been around longer than most of the banks today.  Seller Financing.

Seller Financing is an option that has been getting more and more popular after the burst of the housing bubble and the tightening rules on lending for the big banks.  It allows home buyers in entry level markets with less than perfect credit the option to buy a home, often for less per month than they are currently paying in rent.  Just remember, as a home buyer you need to take into consideration the property taxes and insurance costs that your landlord is currently paying on the property you are currently renting.

See this article about advantages of seller financing for both the buyer and the seller.

Be A Home Owner helps returning, first time and less-than-perfect credit home buyers get into homes that they otherwise couldn’t by offering seller financing to get them a home they can afford.  We focus on the success of the buyer to be able to afford the payments and the home.

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